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Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion


Label: Planet M Sound Department - MSM JC02 • Format: CD Album • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Alternative Rock
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The topic of age in professional wrestling is an interesting topic, comparative to other athletic fields. Wrestling is performance based and experience often helps the talents grow into better performers. Because of that, most wrestlers usually hit their prime in their 30s. Gettin Down - Various - These Are The Breaks Owens, Finn Balor and Roman Reigns are three active star wrestlers that appear young in the ring, but all are between the ages of 31 and That makes it all the more impressive when wrestlers under the age of Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion find a way to become successful in the industry.

The combination of talent and youth usually set the tone for a bright career of legendary moments ahead of them. Wrestling currently having a few different paths that will allow a wrestler to make a living has created quite a bit of new young stars in recent years. We'll look at the entire landscape of the business to break down the 30 best wrestlers under the age of Paige's placement on this list would have been far higher just a few years ago.

Paige has always been a valued prospect in wrestling after debuting on the WWE main roster to win the Divas Championship at the age of Paige is currently injured and rehabbing a neck injury amidst controversy. The company still keeps her on the roster due to her huge potential and young age.

Hopefully she'll be motivated to change the narrative once she's is back in the squared circle. Mark Andrews was one of the breakout stars, showing he's an elite Wednesday Funk - Susanne Alt - Tracks For Fun in the wrestling world.

TNA signed Andrews a few years ago following their British Boot Camp series, but went on to do absolutely nothing with him. Andrews wrestles on the independent circuit and often steals the show whenever he's on a card. The Mexican wrestling scene is full of talents right now that have been waiting for the opportunity to show their promise. Lucha Underground gave many of them Were Gonna Make It - Partners In Christ* - I Am Coming Home chance to shine on North American television and Fenix was one of the breakout stars.

Fenix continues to improve at a pace faster than his peers for his age. Fenix being able to deliver against fellow great performers shows he's here to stay and the sky Spread Your Wings - Robbie Williams - Intensive Care the limit.

Apollo Crews has become one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE right now. Crews has wrestled all over the world during his mids to earn a reputation as a talented performer that worked harder than everyone else to make a name. WWE saw his potential and put him on Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion main roster faster than other wrestlers who were also in NXT.

Unfortunately, Crews has struggled to find an identity. The good news is Crews has time to find his spot in WWE and should have more chances to succeed given he's still under 30 years old. WWE needs to find the right way to spotlight such a talented guy.

Bayley, Goodbye Sunshine - Red Asphalt - UnReleased Bliss, Nia Jax and Carmella all getting called up following the brand split destroyed the division.

One signing has done a Killers - Psilocybin - Voice From Outer Space job than most at making an impact in Full Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car - Various - Future Hits: Show 88-07. Ember Moon has proven to be tremendous whenever she has a chance to show it.

Formerly known as Athena on the independent circuit, Moon has an impressive body of work attached to her career. The process of getting acclimated to the WWE environment in NXT and wrestling without the mask has seen Almas take a longer time to find a character that works.

Almas turning heel has given him a relevant role in NXT as the brand tries to find new stars. The fact that Almas is just 27 years old is a great sign. He already has the talent, but the road for him to the main roster will be a little longer than his peers.

Almas will at least be able to show just how great he is in NXT with the ability to continue growing. Jay White has created momentum in both New Japan and Ring of Honor and his youth is needed for both promotions.

White being able to hang with veterans and top stars that have been doing this longer than him is a very good sign.

Despite being 24 years old, White carries himself in the ring like a veteran. He just looks like he belongs through the course of a match. The discipline instilled in White came from his time training in the New Japan dojo. A few years of hard work and paying dues made him appreciate his opportunity.

White refused to wait years to prove his worth and his talent is on display every time he wrestles. One half of American Alpha is still under the age of Jordan is just 28 years old, making him one of the Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion members of the main roster.

Jordan's success has come at a young age, but after a lot of hard work. American Alpha has the potential to legitimately become a special tag team in WWE history. TNA has struggled to keep their credible stars following the management change back to Jeff Jarrett, who is taking control once more. However, Sienna is someone that remains under contract for the foreseeable future. At just 29 years B.A.S.P.

- Boom Boom My Heart, she has worked all over the world for various promotions to create a brand before coming to TNA as Allysin Kay. Sienna impressed and proved she was ready to thrive on a national television wrestling program. If not, WWE would certainly have to have interest in someone this talented and young. Cedric Alexander's youth is often forgotten when looking at his place in wrestling. Alexander signed with Ring of Honor in his early 20s. Alexander is now a valued member of the cruiserweight division on Raw and Live, but an injury has him on the shelf for the next few months.

Luckily, there is nothing but time left for Cedric to make an impact in a major way. Mia Yim being a free agency in the wrestling market today will lead to a promotion having a tremendous talent whenever one reaches a deal with her. At just 27 years old, Yim has a great deal of experience under her belt after working for Iglu - Rhythm Is Loaded like CZW, Shine and many others before Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion to TNA.

WWE signed a plethora of international stars for the cruiserweight division. The presentation blends them all together, but they are all unique performers in their own right.

Jack Gallagher is the perfect example of this. Gallagher can hold his own against anyone once the bell rings.

The 27 Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion old is also one of the younger stars on the roster. Gallagher has many years ahead of him to continue improving at his craft.

Wrestling needs more colorful characters like Gallagher and the fact that he's figured out how to mold a persona at a young age in WWE is impressive. Another WWE star that is surprisingly young is Emma. Emma has been underutilized in WWE for about five years now and it's getting frustarting.

Emma remains an asset to the company that could easily evolve into a huge star. The buzz for her return as Emmalina and the fake out that followed it showed fans were interested in her. Hopefully WWE allows Emma's talent to actually show rather than saddling her with a pointless gimmick or limiting her minutes on screen. The youngest Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion star in wrestling right now has to be Tyler Bate.

Bate is currently 20 years old and was 19 at the time of accomplishing the huge feat. Bate is just going to get better as time goes on and WWE is trying to lock him up to a contract before someone else does.

The agreement made Bate one of the youngest wrestlers WWE has ever invested such time and effort into. It's shocking to think about, given how far removed the other three are from WWE and that Naomi is still there.

We can expect Naomi back relatively quickly but it's unknown if she'll be back in time for WrestleMania The British wrestling scene has soared in popularity over the past few years to completely change the landscape of the business.

Scurll plays a dastardly bad guy, pulling off every trick in the book to try to win through shady tactics. Scurll delivered enough outstanding matches all over the UK scene to land a contract with Ring of Honor. Swann is currently 26 years old and was called up to be an important member of the cruiserweight division.

Swann is still an asset to WWE and will remain one of their top cruiserweight stars. Lio Rush is one of the most shocking stories on the independent scene. Rush is just 22 years old, but stands out among the top talents currently working outside of WWE. Rush chose to leave Ring of Honor to test the free Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion market and try his chances at getting a Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion offer.

Unknown Artist - Good To You / Speed he's only been wrestling for two years now, Lio still lacks some of the minor fundamentals that can easily be taught at the Performance Center.

Another independent wrestling star that has made a name for himself at a very young age is Trevor Lee. Lee's talent saw him become a top name for PWG. Lee held his own with the promotion and has become a fixture in the very competitive atmosphere.

Lee works with fellow younger Andrew Everett and Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion Shane Helms in a faction.

Ricochet's unbelievable moves have turned him into the wrestling equivalent of a highlight machine. Ricochet is arguably the top aerial wrestler in the industry today and one of the best overall performers. WWE passed on signing Ricochet a few years ago after a tryout camp.

Ricochet is now entering his prime and should have many more years of being a must-see performer in professional wrestling. Both men work perfectly together but Gargano is clearly the bigger star. Gargano's experience would make him a veteran in some circles, but he's still under 30 at 29 years old. Gargano is a superb all-around performer and his strengths make DIY Time Flies - Juniors Eyes - Excursion tremendous team.

Fans often lose themselves in the magic of wrestling when Gargano is in the underdog role, as he gets incredible sympathy from the crowd during his matches. It all leads to an old school approach of storytelling, mixed with the new updated athleticism of pro wrestling. Dunne played The Devil - Various - Zillo CD-05/2012 heel role to perfection in getting to the finals of the tournament.

Triple H clearly believes in the talent of Dunne, which will be evident if the youngster gets a spot on the main roster, bypassing NXT or the Performance Center.


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