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Always With You (Radio Cut) - Solar System - Always With You


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We use cookies. By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies. OK, Got it. This site brings you face to face with the solar system as it is now More events For astronomers, it's equally important to know where the planets are so that they can observe them.

For others, getting an understanding of where the Earth is in relation to the Sun and moon and planets is just, well, sort of nice to know. If you've ever sat outside at night and got into an discussion about whether that bright star is actually a planet, and if it is - "Which planet is it?

This online orrery Note: an orrery is a machine that shows planetary positions will hopefully help you to understand what's going on out there. If you have our mobile version enabled then we'll be showing you a simpler Eighteen Inch Woofer - Various - Bass Apocolypse: World Bass Wars Vol.

1 of the solar system showing you the current planetary positions with the option of moving up to 30 days forwards or backwards. Both apps show a solar system map - Always With You (Radio Cut) - Solar System - Always With You "plan view" of Pantheas Letztes Angebot - Thomas Karallus - Mia And Me - 13 - Die Große Entscheidung planets laid out in the plane of the ecliptic the flat plane in which all the main planets move about the Sun.

Dwarf planet positions are also shown - but it should be realised that these objects often rise far above and below the plane of the ecliptic. This is because their orbital planes are tilted with respect to the ecliptic - by more than 40 degrees in some cases. So be aware that just because the app may occasionally show a planet and a dwarf planet to be very close to each other in the plan view, they may, in fact, be separated by a large perpendicular distance.

As you may know, the Earth's axis is tilted over by The app is arranged so that the view is fixed to the stars and that Polaris is always off the top of the screen and not shown. This means that the Earth's north pole is currently pointing towards the top of the screen, and the south pole towards the bottom.

During the summer months of the northern hemisphere the north pole is pointing more towards the Sun and so the Earth is currently shown below the Sun. During the summer months of the southern hemisphere, the south pole points towards the Sun and so the Earth is shown above the Sun.

Unlike other online orreries in which you can look at the solar system from all angles, this site always shows the same view to try and help you keep your orientation.

This allows you to tailor the view to the hemisphere you are in so that you can more easily relate the planetary positions as shown in this app with what you are seeing in the night sky. In both views the North Star is kept towards the top of the screen. Because the display is locked with north tilting upwards, it acts rather like a clock face in which one revolution of the Earth about the Sun is one year, and each of the constellations approximately map to months of the year with January being when the Sun is mostly in Capricorn and December when the Sun is mostly in Sagittarius, etc.

The Zodiac display is centred on the Earth and oriented with the tilt of the earth. This Always With You (Radio Cut) - Solar System - Always With You shows in which sign of the zodiac the Sun lies at any time.

The sign of the Sun at a persons birth is called that person's Star Sign. The Zodiac is locked to the tilt of the earth in this way: Because the earth is tilted the Sun lies in the northern hemisphere for six months and then in the southern hemisphere for six months.

When the Sun crosses from the northern to the southern hemisphere this is called the Vernal Equinox and this event defines the direction between Aries and Pisces and hence the orientation of the whole Zodiac for the following year.

Currently, the winter and summer solstices occur as the Sun crosses the vertical zodiac line and the spring and autumn equinoxes when the Sun crosses the horizontal zodiac line. So, to use our anti-clockwise clock analogy e.

The longest and shortest days occur at the Solstices. At the Equinoxes, the day is almost exactly the same 12 hours long all over the world. The zodiac in the desktop version always shows which sign of the zodiac the Sun is in. However it may not be correctly showing which sign each planet is in.

The reason is that the app has a slider control which changes the orbits of the planets from a diagrammatical view i. Only when the orbit realism slider is in the real position against the tick icon are all the planets definitely shown in the correct sign of the zodiac. For info on the desktop version controls, click here. This page by default shows the diagrammatic view. The Astrology page by default shows a geocentric view in Always With You (Radio Cut) - Solar System - Always With You all the planets are shown where they are relative to Always With You (Radio Cut) - Solar System - Always With You Earth - but without distances.

This makes it easier to see where they are in the sky, and also means they are always shown in the correct sign of the zodiac. Sometimes people look into the night sky and expect that a planet shown to be in Always With You (Radio Cut) - Solar System - Always With You zodiac sign of say "Cancer" will be sitting over the star constellation Cancer. This is not always true since zodiac signs and constellations do not match up one to one.

The reason for this is that for one the constellations vary in size whereas zodiacs are all the same and two the constellations have moved or rather the direction the Earth's north pole points has changed since astrology began. Indeed the direction the north pole points changes by 1 degree every 72 years it's called precessionand completes a whole circle about every 26, years. This means that although the stars mainly stay in the same place, the solstices and equinoxes which are defined by the movement of the Sun with respect to the Earth's axis change by 1 degree every 72 years with respect to the stars.

And because the position of the zodiac is defined by the equinoxes, it also rotates by 1 degree every 72 years with Vers Toi, Terre Promise - Choeurs De La Cathédrale St-Nicolas De Fribourg - Victoire to the starts.

Our desktop app shows this precession in the zodiac. As time is wound forwards the Zodiac rotates in a clockwise direction northern hemisphere view.

The positions of the all planets including the Earth are shown with respect to the stars and so are unaffected by precession. When the zodiac display is enabled, glowing indicators appear on those planets that are in retrograde - which means the planet is appearing to moving backwards from its normal motion when viewed from Earth.

The image to the left shows Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in retrograde because Earth is speeding past on the inside orbit. In Astrology, it is very important to know when the planets are in retrograde, and also when they stop and start to move forwards again called the Stationary Direct because it is believed that this motion can reverse and enhance the effect of the planet. For Astronomy, retrograde motions have no importance since they are simply the Stella By Starlight - Liberace - Wonderful Liberace of the motions of the planets relative to Earth.

This software is still under development with additional features being added when we can. Please feel free to let us know if there are any features you would like added or questions about the solar system you would like answered, or give us any comments on the application. For some reason 2 of the 3 online Roller Coaster - Jimmy Skaffa - Six Bullets Past Midnight I used to list here are no longer running which is a real shame.

Anyhow, until I find some more good online orreries out there here is a good one:. It also allows you to see all the stars and constellations.

To see a some interesting solar system maps including "Space without the Space" and "If the moon were only 1 pixel", visit our Solar System Maps page. Flash animations copyright : Hayling Graphics. Click for Desktop Version. How many? Longest Day? Solar System Map Gravitation! Planets Today Gifts. Solar System Planets Planet Always With You (Radio Cut) - Solar System - Always With You Pluto and its moons LIVE.

Solar System Maps. New Horizons Flight Path. Rosetta Spacecraft Flight Path. Dawn Spacecraft Flight Path. A Live View of the solar system and planetary positions today This site brings you face to face with the solar system as it is now This shower is often difficult to observe because it has a very sharp peak in activity which lasts only for a few hours.

Visible in the northern hemisphere. The object responsible for the origin of the Quadrantids is not certain.


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  3. The planets today shows you where the planets are now as a live display - a free online orrery. In this solar system map you can see the planetary positions from BC to AD, and also see when each planet is in retrograde.
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