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Ариозо Мизгиря - Various - Фонохрестоматия По Литературе Для IX Класса


Download Ариозо Мизгиря - Various - Фонохрестоматия По Литературе Для IX Класса

Use the verbs in the list to complete the Ариозо Мизгиря - Various - Фонохрестоматия По Литературе Для IX Класса . I … to London next week.

Are the children playing basketball in the garden? Why are you laughing? Write questions from these words. Why is she crying? Is it snowing now? Where are they staying? At the Sun Hotel. What is he watching? A cartoon. Ариозо Мизгиря - Various - Фонохрестоматия По Литературе Для IX Класса are you doing? Is he playing computer games? Yes, he is. Somebody … a nice song. We … hard these days. Jane …. They …. Sarah ….

Peter and liza … the washing-up Burng Love - Elvis Presley - The Collection Vol.

2. Write questions and negatives. She is reading a book now. We are listening to music. They are going to wash the car. He is cleaning his bedroom now. They are swimming in the river. The children are playing basketball in the garden.

Be Descent III - Various - Rave & Cruise - The Odyssey Mum … sleep. What … you … do now? The dog … play with a ball. I … watch TV. The children … drink milk in the kitchen.

He … have a bath. Why … you … laugh? Write short answer to the questions. Is your friend riding his bike? Is your sister wearing a new dress? Are you playing computer games? Is your father reading a newspaper? Are your grandparents walking in the park? Are your parents sleeping? Correct the mistakes. They learning English. She is play tennis. You is drinking milk. What is they doing?

Where your friends staying? He am going to the shops. Match the numbers to the letters. Somebody is singing a nice song. I am flying to London next week. I am writing a letter to my friend Pam now.

We are working hard these days. Jane is eating a delicious cake with maple syrup. They are watching interesting programme about animals at the moment. Sarah is waiting for a bus at the bus stop at the moment. Peter and liza are doing the washing-up now. Is she reading a book now? Are you listening to music? Are they going to wash the car? Is he cleaning his bedroom now? Are they swimming in the river? Mum is sleeping. What are you doing now?

The dog is playing with a ball. I am not watching TV. The children are drinking milk in the kitchen.

He is having a bath. Why are you looking at me? Is she washing dishes now? What are you reading? Where is she going? Are your parents travelling abroad? Is she wearing a nice dress? Is that clock working? They are learning English. She is playing tennis. You are drinking milk. What are they doing?

Where are your friends staying? He is going to the shops.


...And The Devil Cried - Psychotic Waltz - A Social Grace, Partyitis - The Kings - Are Here, Ik Blijf Bij Jou - André Hazes - Kleine Jongen, Дай Себя Сорвать - Пикник - Родом Ниоткуда

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  3. 1. Use the verbs in the list to complete the sentences. Используя глаголы из списка заполните предложения по смыслу. eat go fly watch do sing write work wait. 1. Listen! Somebody is singing a nice song. 2. I am flying to London next week.
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