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End Of A Long Bad Dream - Essra Mohawk - Raindance


Label: Schoolkids Records - SKR 1528 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul, Pop, Folk, World, & Country •
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Sandy Hurvitz performed as an opener for, and performed with the Mothers Of Invention during their concert series at the Garrick Theatre.

At these concerts, she was presented as Uncle Meat. In the early seventies, Sandy Hurvitz changed her name to Essra Mohawk. Sandro Oliva and his band backed Essra Mohawk at her Zappanale performance. She is a very young expressionless girl with silky hair who sings sometimes in duet with Ray Collins. They stand with their arms around each other rubbing chests and End Of A Long Bad Dream - Essra Mohawk - Raindance tender and mournful.

They even dance with each other separated by a century of style. Uncle Meat also gazes through a kaleidoscope or rattles a hypnotic rhythm on the tambourine or parries Ray's carrot swordplay using a lettuce leaf for a shield. Those were the days my friend. We feared they'd never end. It was also the name of the show the group perpetrated on uncomprehending audiences who came to be entertained and abused in equal measure. Uncle Meat was just one of the identities assumed in this case unwillingly by Sandra Hurvitzs an intense teenager whose dreamy, earnest songs encapsulated the spirit of her times.

End Of A Long Bad Dream - Essra Mohawk - Raindance remember friends of my parents saying, "Watch her, she's gonna be a beatnick. I know Concerto For Strings And Continuo In G, R.151 Concerto Alla Rustica - Antonio Vivaldi - The Essentia the ages of five to ten I thought I was from another planet. I had a persecution complex - but I was really persecuted.

Every time we moved I would meet the wrong people. But music always got me over. Whenever I sang, everyone liked me. For that moment everything was cool. By the time I was 14, I had a piano and a guitar and I was filling up books with my songs.

People liked to discuss things and talk a lot. Suddenly they were all like me for a minute. I figured they were all joining End Of A Long Bad Dream - Essra Mohawk - Raindance things to get where I was already.

Most of these people were straight and I had never been straight. But she was determined. Beyond playing a dance in Youngstown, Ohio, nothing came of her debut. Neither this nor her art studies at Philadelphia Community College impressed hex so in Juneshe and a friend set off for California to see what the Monterey Pop Festival was about. In the events they wound up at the Free Hippie Festival that took place nearby.

We were all adolescents forever. Our parents had been through the Depression, therefore they over protected us so we were allowed to remain children longer than any generation in history. So we didn't know responsibility.

We didn't know caution. We only knew freedom. Sandy exercised her freedom and returned to Philadelphia and her erstwhile boyfriend, Cal Schenkels already a promising artist and End Of A Long Bad Dream - Essra Mohawk - Raindance . Shortly aftenwards two girl friends from Los Angeles came east to see him.

They asked Sandy if she'd like to accompany them to New York. Walking through the Villages they encountered Frank Zappa. The two Californians shouted "Canter's! It was the only concert I ever heard on acids and I ended up being in both bands. Frank had heard somehow that I played a End Of A Long Bad Dream - Essra Mohawk - Raindance and Well You Neednt - Miles Davis - Volume 1 Don was ills he asked me would I play the keyboard a little bit for him.

Frank had sort of stepped off the stage to hear the sound of the piano and when he heard me playing and singing my songs he jumped back up and asked me to follow him. He said "Come into my office" and then said "How would you like to be a Mother? Like Suzie Creamcheesey another of his characters was a real bitch. So A Drum Is A Woman - Duke Ellington - A Drum Is A Woman.

Plus had this attitude and he called her something soft - Suzie Creamcheese. I was real nice and sweets so he called me Uncle Meat. Frank pounced on it gleefully and decreed that Sandy should assume the identity.

Here I thought you were Frank Zappa the wonderful musician and now I find out you're God and you're going to tell me who I am. If you don't want to make money out of the name I will. She was making money under her own names but not very much. Before the atmosphere turned sours Sandy did get to accompany the Mothers on their first brief European tour in the autumn of A month before, promoter Tony Secunda had hinted that the band might bring along another chick called "Mother Meat". However, the growing mutual antipathy between her and Frank curtailed the promise of their work together.

Frank had been producing and we had started on the first tracks and the original Mothers were backing me up. It was great, I still remember Frank's guitar lick over the front of it. Sandy liked drummer Billy Mundi's playing over the song's coda and suggested that another take with that drumming all the way through would be better.

She capped the ensuing argument by storming out of the studio. Hindsight lent a note of irony to the memory. Frank handed the production chores over to Ian Undenwood, the multi-instrumental Berklee graduate who was one of the two music readers in the Mothers at that time. Underwood brought very little enthusiasm to the project. The only one to survive his self-censorship is on "The Sun". I would bring in a group like Jeremy Steigs bassist Eddie Gomez and Ralph McDonald and lay down a In My Sleep (Club Mix) - Brigitte - In My Sleep in all sincerity and Ian would put poor Jeremy's beautiful flute track all the way in the background.

The resulting album sounded! Otherwise, it's just Sandy and her indifferently-tuned piano. Very much a product of their times her songs are an amorphous combination of tempo and inspiration. None relies upon a consistent tempo. Each runs the full gamut of earnest emotions and quite often her strident vocals render her lyrics indecipherable. It was about wanting a guy to take an acid trip with Antonio Onorato - Jazz Napoletano and he wouldn't.

And wanting him to commit himself in love and he wouldn't. And saying that after consuming all these things, why it was back to Go anyway. It was a time of loose relationships. I always remember being recruited for them. People would say, "Hey let's get in a pile". My first awakening was to that kind of thing opens multi-sexual situations.

To me that was perfectly normal. Laura Nyro and Joni Mitchell were in the process of establishing themselves during and Carole King's solo debut was two years hence. David Geffen became Sandy's agent and she moved to California to make her second album, "Primordial Lovers" for Reprise.

But Geffen also handed Nyro and Sandys now calling herself Essra Mohawks was destined to stay in her shadow. In the ensuing years there have been a number of albums and innumerable songs. These days she is a successful songwriters her collaborations include "Change Of Heart" with Cyndi Lauper.

Hear their recording "Bizarre Beginnings". Song in background is "Making Time Stop". From: Essra Mohawk EsMohawk compuserve. In not on April 23rd, I was born in Philadelphia, where I grew up.

I only spent 7 months in Long Island living with a friend and his family. The 'orgies' are a fabrication as well resulting from a flippant remark a boyfriend of mine used to make as a joke. He used to say "Let's all jump in a pile. In fact once, we were at a party where things got a little too racy, so we left.

Sorry if the truth isn't as tantalizing as the fiction posted on your website. Just a lifetime of trying to spread the truth about real life and real music. Some of which will be available on Cherry Street Records Feb.

Go CherryStreetRecords. I wish people would come to me for information about me. I'm not dead yet. Edsel got it wrong from copying Bruce Pollack's mistakes. Dave DiMartino did the same as Edsel and he has promised to correct the facts in the End Of A Long Bad Dream - Essra Mohawk - Raindance printing of his book.

Also you have my e-mail address wrong. It's LEsprit De Famille - Léo Ferré - À Saint-Germain Des Prés. Please correct the information on your website. Feel free to contact me in the future for more info.


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  1. Essra Mohawk Biography by Charles Donovan. + Follow Artist. Respected session vocalist and solo artist, bridging jazz, blues, and folk.
  2. Apr 28,  · David Bowie's "Golden Years" The Secret Diva's tribute on the SPIDERS FROM VENUS: WOMEN COVERING DAVID BOWIE cd. All Music Guide calls Essra "one of America's rarest treasures" as she was 1 of the.
  3. sandy hurvitz - essra mohawk - uncle meat. Sandy Hurvitz performed as an opener for, and performed with the Mothers Of Invention during their concert series at the Garrick Theatre. At these concerts, she was presented as Uncle Meat. In the early seventies, Sandy Hurvitz changed her name to Essra Mohawk.
  4. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Essra Mohawk - Raindance at Discogs. Complete your Essra Mohawk collection.
  5. Essra's singing is a highlight of Raindance. Her strong, forceful vocals punctuate the lyrics, which deal with personal, yet universal themes of peace, love and understanding.
  6. Mar 03,  · Essra Mohawk has never recorded for the same record label more than once, but it's rarely affected the consistency of her songwriting. Here, she left behind the free-form, rambling qualities of her earlier work, and, working within slightly more conventional rock confines, rocked 'n' rasped her own inimitable way through ten finely crafted.
  7. Raindance's country-rock setting suits Mohawk well, and the heartfelt conviction is as apparent in her warm singing voice as ever. High points include "End of a Long Bad Dream," an anthemic eulogy to long-lasting love, and the clever, snappy barroom rock of "Wrap It All Around," one of the most convincingly commercial songs she's ever written.8/

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