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I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein* / Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Irwin Kostal - Th


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The film I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein* / Julie Andrews an adaptation of the stage musical of the same namecomposed by Richard Rodgers with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. The film's screenplay was written by Ernest Lehmanadapted from the stage musical's book by Lindsay and Crouse. Based on the memoir The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria von Trappthe film is about a young Austrian postulant in SalzburgAustriain who is sent to the villa of a retired naval officer and widower to be governess to his seven children.

The film was released on March 2,in the United States, initially as a limited roadshow theatrical release. Although critical response to the Christopher Plummer was mixed, the film was a major commercial success, becoming the number one box office movie after four weeks, and the highest-grossing film of By NovemberThe Sound of Music had become the highest-grossing film of all-time—surpassing Gone with the Wind —and held that distinction for five years.

The film was just as popular throughout the world, breaking previous box-office records in twenty-nine countries. Inthe United States Library of Congress Christopher Plummer the film for preservation in the National Film Registryfinding it "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". Her love of music and the mountains, her youthful enthusiasm and imagination, and her lack of discipline cause some concern among the nuns.

The Mother Abbess, believing Maria would be happier outside the abbey, sends her to the villa of retired naval officer Captain Georg von Trapp to be governess Christopher Plummer his seven children. The Captain has been raising his children using strict military discipline following the death of his wife. Although the children misbehave at first, Maria responds with kindness and patience, and soon the children come to trust and respect her.

Liesl, the oldest, is won over after Maria protects her from discovery when Irwin Kostal - Th is nearly caught sneaking I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein* / Julie Andrews into the house after meeting with Rolfe, a messenger boy she is in love with.

While the Captain is away in Vienna, Maria makes play clothes for the children and takes them around Salzburg and the surrounding mountains, and teaches them how to sing. When the Captain returns to the villa with the wealthy socialite Baroness Elsa Schraeder and their mutual friend, the musical agent Max Detweiler, they are greeted by Maria and the children returning from a boat ride on the lake that concludes when their boat overturns.

Displeased by his children's clothes and activities, and Maria's impassioned appeal that he get closer to his children, the Captain orders her to return to the abbey.

Just then he hears singing coming from inside Get With The Program - I Am Bones - Wrong Numbers Are Never Busy house and is astonished to see his children singing for the Baroness. The Captain joins his children, singing for the first time in Gosling - Grim Tim - Summer Of 16 Tour CD. Afterwards, he apologizes to Maria and asks Irwin Kostal - Th to stay.

Impressed by the children's singing, Max proposes he enter them in the upcoming Salzburg Festivalbut the suggestion is immediately rejected by the Captain as he is opposed to his children singing in public.

He does agree, however, to organize a grand party at the villa. The night of the party, while guests in formal attire waltz in the ballroom, Maria and the children look on from the garden terrace. Confused about her feelings, Maria blushes and breaks away. Later, the Baroness, who noticed the Captain's attraction to Maria, Irwin Kostal - Th Maria that she must return to the abbey.

Back at the abbey, when Mother Abbess learns that Maria has stayed in seclusion to avoid her feelings for the Captain, she encourages her to return to the villa to look for her life. After Maria returns to Irwin Kostal - Th villa, she learns about the Captain's engagement to the Baroness and agrees to stay until they find a replacement governess.

The Captain's feelings for Maria, however, have not changed, and after breaking off his engagement, the Captain marries Maria. While the Captain and Maria are on their honeymoon, Max enters the children in the Salzburg Festival against their father's wishes. When they learn that Austria has been annexed by the Third Reich in the Anschlussthe couple return to their home, where a telegram awaits informing the Captain that he must report to the German Naval base at Bremerhaven to accept a commission in the German Navy.

Strongly opposed to the Nazis and the Anschlussthe Captain tells his family they must leave Austria immediately for Switzerland. Many of the Von Trapps' friends are prepared to accept the new regime, including Rolfe, who has joined the Hitler Youth.

That night, as the von Trapp family attempt to leave, they are stopped by a group of Brownshirts waiting outside the villa. Zeller insists on escorting them to the festival, after which his men will accompany the Captain Irwin Kostal - Th Bremerhaven.

Later that night at the festival, during their final number, the von Trapp family slip away and seek shelter at the nearby abbey, I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein* / Julie Andrews the nuns hide them in the cemetery crypt. Brownshirts soon arrive and search the abbey, and the family is discovered by Rolfe. Upon seeing Liesl, he hesitates to raise the alarm long enough Marty Wilde - Sea Of Heartbreak allow the family time to fleeand the family is able to escape using the caretaker's car.

When the soldiers attempt to pursue, they discover their cars will not start as two nuns have removed parts of the engines. I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein* / Julie Andrews next morning, after driving to the Swiss border, the von Trapp family make If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body - Getingarna - Lite Mer Av Varje way on foot across the Swiss Alps into Switzerland.

The Sound of Music story is based on Maria von Trapp's memoir, The Story of the Trapp Family Singerspublished in to help promote her family's singing group following the death of her I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein* / Julie Andrews Georg in Donehueproposed Precious Things - Tori Amos - To Venus And Back story as a stage musical for Mary Martin.

Arranger and conductor Irwin Kostal prerecorded the songs with a large orchestra and singers on a stage prior to the start of filming, and later adapted instrumental underscore passages based on the songs.

Choreographers Marc Breaux and Dee Dee Woodwho had worked with Andrews on Mary Poppinsworked out all new choreography sequences that incorporated many of the Salzburg locations and settings. The Sound of Music was filmed from March 26 through September 1, Looking For A Lady - Dan Fogelberg - Home Free, with external scenes shot on location in Salzburg, Austria, and the surrounding region, and interior scenes filmed at the 20th Century Fox studios in California.

Zanuck hired Ernest Lehman to write the screenplay for the film adaptation of the stage musical. Not especially impressed, he decided to use the stage musical and Maria's memoir for most of his source material. After seeing the show, Wyler said he hated it, but after two weeks of Lehman's persuasion, Wyler reluctantly agreed to direct and produce the film.

Zanuck told him to tell Wyler to make the other film, and that they would move ahead on schedule with another director, ending Wyler's participation. Meanwhile, Wise, whose film The Sand Pebbles had been postponed, read Lehman's first draft, was impressed by what he read, and agreed to direct the film. Wise shared Lehman's vision of the film being centered on the music, and the changes he made were consistent with the writer's approach—mainly reducing the amount of sweetness and sentimentality found in the stage musical.

Plummer especially helped transform a character lacking substance into a stronger, more forceful complex Christopher Plummer with a wry sense of humor and a darker edge. Lehman's first and only choice for Maria was Julie Andrews. A few minutes into the film, Wise told Lehman, "Let's go sign this girl before somebody else sees this film and grabs her! Wise flew to London to meet with Plummer and explained his concept of the film; the actor accepted after being assured that he could work with Lehman to improve the character; [32] Plummer later described himself as having become quite arrogant at the time, "spoiled by too many great theater roles".

Wise also spent considerable time and effort on casting the secondary characters. Charmian Carrhowever, was a model who worked part-time in a doctor's office and had no ambition to pursue a career as an actress. Wise later recalled, "She was so pretty and had such poise and charm that we liked her immediately. Rehearsals for the singing and dance sequences began on February 10, Carr contended that all of the children who are in the film sing on the track, but four other children were added to most of the songs to give them a fuller sound, they did not replace them as singers.

Principal photography began on March 26,at 20th Century Fox studios in Los Angeles, where scenes from Maria's bedroom and the abbey cloister and graveyard were filmed. They relented after he threatened instead to include Mamma Mia - Various - Studio 33 - The 31st Story newsreel footage of crowds cheering Hitler during a visit to the town.

The cast and crew flew back to Los Angeles and resumed filming at Fox studios on Irwin Kostal - Th 6 for all remaining scenes, including those in the villa dining room, ballroom, terrace, living room, and gazebo. The album reached the number one position on the Billboard that year in the United States. The album has been reissued several times, including anniversary editions with additional tracks in,and Robert Wise hired Mike Kaplan to direct the publicity campaign for the film.

Scheuer of the Los Angeles Times described the film as "three hours of visual and vocal brilliance", [82] and Variety called it "a warmly-pulsating, captivating drama set to the most imaginative use of the lilting R-H tunes, magnificently mounted and with a brilliant cast". A few months after its United States release, The Sound of Music opened in theaters overseas—the first American movie to be completely dubbed in a foreign language, both dialogue and music.

The film was a popular success in every country it opened, except the two countries where the story originated, Austria and Germany. Robert Wise and the studio intervened, the original film was restored, and the branch manager was fired.

The Sound of Music is one of the most commercially successful films of all time. It was not a universal success, however, with the film only enjoying modest success in France and it was a flop in Germany. It also Christopher Plummer performed poorly in Italy, but a re-release after the Oscars brought better results. The thirty minutes edited out of the original film included portions of the "Morning Hymn and Alleluia" sung by the nuns, part of the dialogue between Mother Abbess and Maria in the abbey, part of Liesl and Rolfe's dialogue preceding "Sixteen Going on Seventeen", Liesl's verse of "Edelweiss" sung with the Captain, the Captain and Baroness waltzing at the party, and minor dialogue cuts within existing scenes.

The film aired in its uncut form minus the entr'acte on April 9,on NBC. Julie Andrews hosted the four-hour telecast which presented the musical numbers in a letterbox format. As the film's home video availability cut into its television ratings, NBC let their contract lapse in That year, the film was broadcast one time on the Fox I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein* / Julie Andrews, in its heavily edited minute version. Sincethe film has aired on ABC, generally during Christmas week, and has been broadcast on its sister cable network, Freeformperiodically around Easter and other holidays.

Most of its more recent runs have been the full version in a four-hour time slot, complete with the entr'acte. ABC first broadcast a high definition version on December 28, On December 22,the annual broadcast had its highest ratings since ; the increase in ratings were credited to NBC's broadcast of The Sound of Music Live!

As the BBC channels in Britain are not funded by advertising there was no need to cut scenes to fit within a Irwin Kostal - Th and the film was screened in the full Irwin Kostal - Th version without breaks. The first DVD version was released on August 29, to I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein* / Julie Andrews the 35th anniversary of Fuck Them All - Defiant (13) - Fuck Them All EP film's release.

The Sound of Music film, like the stage musical, presents a history of the von Trapp family that is not completely accurate. The film was influenced by other musicals of its era, such as Mary Poppinsthe Rodgers and Christopher Plummer television production of Cinderellaand the stage production of Lerner and Loewe 's Camelot coincidentally all starring Julie Andrews. Screenwriter Ernest Lehman was inspired by the opening of West Side Story and saw the musical as "a fairy tale that's almost real".

As Maria walks down the aisle to be married, the pageantry is explicitly both Guinevere and Cinderella. In keeping with this tone the filmmakers used artistic license to convey the essence and meaning of their story.

Georg Ludwig von Trapp was indeed an anti-Nazi opposed to Irwin Kostal - Th Anschlussand lived Christopher Plummer his family in a villa in a district of Salzburg called Aigen.

Their lifestyle depicted in the film, however, greatly exaggerated their standard of living. The house was also not their ancestral home, as depicted I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein* / Julie Andrews the film. The family had previously lived in homes in Zell Am See and Klosterneuburg after being forced to abandon their actual ancestral home in Pola following World War I.

Georg moved the family to the Salzburg villa shortly after the death of his first wife in Austrian nobility, moreover, was legally abolished in and the nobiliary particle von was proscribed after World War I, so he was legally "Georg Trapp". Both the title and the prepositional nobiliary particle vonhowever, continued to be widely used unofficially as a matter of courtesy. Georg was offered a position in the Kriegsmarinebut this occurred before the Anschluss. He was heavily recruited by the Nazis because he had extensive experience with submarines, and Germany was looking to expand its fleet of U-boats.

With his family in desperate financial straits, and having no other marketable skills other than his training as a naval officer, he seriously considered the offer before deciding he could not serve a Nazi regime. Rather than threaten arrest, the Nazis actually continued to woo him.

In reality, third child Maria von Trapp called "Louisa" in the film described her father as a doting parent who made handmade gifts for the children in his woodshop and who would Månadens Mörke Messias - Vanek - Djupare Än Underjorden (File, Album) lead family musicales on his violin.


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