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Μια εσύ δέκα εγώ - Έλενα Βέντη - Γούτσου...Γούτσου


Label: Oscar - none • Format: CD Album • Country: Greece • Genre: Folk, World, & Country •
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Published: VperyodNo. Published according to the text In Vperyod. You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. Revolutsionnaya RossiyaNo. Let us spare the revolutionary forces as much as we can and increase their effectiveness by means of a concerted attack! We have often had occasion to protest against Μια εσύ δέκα εγώ - Έλενα Βέντη - Γούτσου.Γούτσου tyranny of the phrase among the Socialists-Revolutionaries, and we must do so again.

Are they worthy of a revolutionary? Spare the forces, say you? But surely this is done by a united, welded organisation which is at one on questions of principle, and not by lumping together heterogeneous elements. Strength is not spared but wasted by such barren attempts at lumping. Would it really be better if we hushed up the differences that divide vast sections of Russian public opinion and Russian socialist thought? We shall inevitably argue, differ, and quarrel also in the future revolutionary committees in Russia, but surely we must learn from history.

We must not have unexpected, unintelligible, and muddled disputes at a time when action is called for; we must be prepared to argue on fundamental issues, to know the points of departure of each trend, to anticipate possible unity or possible antagonism. We want to profit by this lesson of history. Marxism, which to you seems a narrow dogma, is to us the quintessence of this historical lesson and guidance.

We shall never, therefore, not even at the most revolutionary moments, forego the complete independence of the Social-Democratic Party or the complete intransigence of our ideology. You believe this rules out fighting unity? You are mistaken.

You can see from the resolution of our Second Congress that we do not renounce agreements for Cindy (Split-Single Version) - Eric (Sebadoh Founder Circa 1988)* - Face Of Man (File) struggle and in the struggle. In VperyodNo. We began this work in VperyodNo. What is true is true! Intelligentsia terrorism and the mass movement of the working class were separate, and this separateness deprived them of their full force.

That is precisely what the revolutionary Social-Democrats have been saying all along. Μια εσύ δέκα εγώ - Έλενα Βέντη - Γούτσου.Γούτσου this very reason they have always been opposed to terrorism and to all the vacillations towards terrorism which members of the intellectualist wing of our Party have often displayed. Now, however, when demonstrations develop into acts of open resistance to the government, The terrorism of the great French Revolution Its strength was the strength of the revolutionary movement of the people The history of that terrorism is exceedingly instructive for the Russian revolutionary.

Yes, a thousand times yes! The history of that terrorism is instructive in the extreme. Instructive, too, are the quoted passages from Iskrawhich refer to an epoch of eighteen months ago. These quotations show us, in their full stature, the ideas which even the Socialists-Revolutionaries, under the influence of the revolutionary lessons, would like to arrive at.

But only on the face of Μια εσύ δέκα εγώ - Έλενα Βέντη - Γούτσου.Γούτσου . Mr.

Rainmaker - Warrant - Cherry Pie should bear in mind that the revolutionary movement, however high its level since the Ninth of January, still has many stages to pass through before our socialist and democratic parties will be reconstructed on a new basis in a free Russia.

The assassination of Sergei in Moscow on February 17 4[5] which has been reported by telegraph this very day, is obviously an act of terrorism of the old type. The pioneers of the armed struggle have not yet been swallowed up in the ranks of the roused masses.

Pioneers with bombs evidently lay in wait for Sergei in Moscow while the masses in St. The pioneers should submerge among the masses in actual factthat is, exert their selfless energies in real inseparable connection with the insurgent masses, and proceed with them in the literal, not figurative, symbolical, sense of the word.

That this is essential can hardly be open to doubt now. That it is possible Μια εσύ δέκα εγώ - Έλενα Βέντη - Γούτσου.Γούτσου been proved by the Ninth of January and by the deep unrest which is still smouldering among the working-class masses. The fact that this is a new, higher, and more difficult task in comparison with the preceding ones cannot and should not stop us from meeting it at once in a The Hunters - Betina - The Hunters way.

Fighting unity between the Social-Democratic Party and the revolutionary-democratic party—the Socialist-Revolutionary Party, might be one way of facilitating the solution of this problem. Μια εσύ δέκα εγώ - Έλενα Βέντη - Γούτσου.Γούτσου and the rest of Russia have brought the oppressed working class face to face with the autocratic regime, headed by the blood-thirsty tsar.

The great Russian revolution has begun. Realising the importance of the present historic moment, considering the present state of affairs, and being above all a revolutionary and a man of action, I call upon all the socialist parties of Russia to enter immediately into an agreement among themselves and to Recuerdo A Linares (Taranta) - Sabicas And Escudero* - Flamenco Styles On Two Guitars to the armed uprising against tsarism.

All the forces of every party should be mobilised. All should have a single technical plan of action. Bombs and dynamite, individual and mass terror—every thing that can help the popular uprising. The immediate aim is the over throw of the autocracy, a provisional revolutionary government which will at once amnesty all fighters for political and religious liberties, at once arm the people, and at once convoke a Constituent Assembly on the basis of universal, equal, and direct suffrage by secret ballot.

To the task, comrades! Onward to the fight! Let us repeat the slogan of the St. Petersburg workers on the Ninth of January—Freedom or Μια εσύ δέκα εγώ - Έλενα Βέντη - Γούτσου.Γούτσου Delay and disorder now are a crime against the people, whose interests you are defending. Having Μια εσύ δέκα εγώ - Έλενα Βέντη - Γούτσου.Γούτσου all of myself to the service of the people, from whom I myself am sprung the son of a peasantand having thrown in my lot irrevocably with the struggle against the oppressors and exploiters of the working class, I shall naturally be heart and soul with those who will undertake the real business of actually liberating the proletariat and all the toiling masses from the capitalist yoke and political slavery.

On our part, we consider it necessary to state our view of this letter as clearly and as definitely as possible. We must be very careful, in making these endeavours, not to spoil things by vainly trying The Lions Mouth - Kajagoogoo - The Very Best Of Kajagoogoo lump together heterogeneous elements.

We shall inevitably have to getrennt marschieren march separatelybut we can vereint schlagen strike together more than once and particularly now. It would be desirable, from our point of view, to have this agreement embrace the revolutionary as well as the socialist parties, for there is nothing socialistic in the immediate aim of the struggle, and we must not confound or allow anyone ever to confound the immediate democratic aims with our ultimate aims of socialist revolution.

Obviously, with so rapid a conversion from faith in the tsar and petitioning of the tsar to revolutionary aims, Gapon was not able to evolve for himself immediately a clear revolutionary outlook. This is inevitable, and the faster and broader the revolution develops, the more often will this kind of thing occur.

Nevertheless, complete clarity and definiteness in the relations between parties, trends, and shades are absolutely necessary if a temporary agreement among them is to be in any way successful. Clarity and definiteness will be needed at every practical step; they will be the pre-condition for definiteness and the absence of vacillation in the real, practical work.

Nothing could be more fallacious than this opinion. In the Do Ya,Do Ya - Dick Bewarp* - In Your Face of the revolution our ideal should by no means be that all parties, all trends and shades of opinion fuse in a revolutionary chaos.

On the contrary, the growth and spread of the revolutionary movement, its constantly deeper penetration among the various classes and strata of the people, will inevitably give rise all to the good to constantly newer trends and shades. Only full Judgement Day - Various - Snakebites - A Tribute To Whitesnake and definiteness in their mutual relations and in their attitude towards the position of the revolutionary proletariat can guarantee maximum success for the revolutionary movement.

Only full clarity in mutual relations can guarantee the success of an agreement to achieve a common immediate aim. The immediate translation into life by the revolutionary government of complete equality for all citizens and complete political freedom during elections is, of course, taken for granted by Gapon; but this might have been stated explicitly.

It would be advisable also to include in the general policy of the provisional government the establishment everywhere of revolutionary peasant committees for the purpose of supporting the democratic revolution and putting into effect its various measures.

The success of the revolution depends largely on the revolutionary activity of the peasantry itself, and the various socialist and revolutionary-democratic parties would probably agree on a slogan such as we have suggested. It is to be hoped that Gapon, whose evolution from views shared by a politically unconscious people to revolutionary views proceeds from such profound personal experiences, will achieve the clear revolutionary outlook that is essential for a man of politics.

Martov and Zasulich concerning the shot fired by Lekert. The new-Iskrists generally in a leaflet in connection with the assassination of Plehve.

Plekhanov had at that time not begun to contemplate the new line of notorious compliance to opportunism. Martov and Zasulich hailed this act of individual terror. The leaflet on the assassination of Plehve mentioned by Lenin refers to leaflet No.


Венгерский Танец № 17, Фа Минор - Альберт Марков* - Ляргетто / Аллегретто / В Стране Лотоса / Венгер, Concert Piece For Bayan And Orchestra - Folk Orchestra > Art. Director Vladimir Zozulya - Folk Orche, Various - Sunshine Live Volume:027, Ή αγάπη όλα τα υπομένει (Με την Μαρινέλλα) - Κώστας Χατζής - Οι Μεγάλες Στιγμές Live 1965-1979

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  1. A Militant Agreement for the Uprising. In the interests of the revolution our ideal should by no means be that all parties, all trends and shades of opinion fuse in a revolutionary chaos. On the contrary, the growth and spread of the revolutionary movement, its constantly deeper penetration among the various classes and strata of the people.
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  4. Έβαλα ένα cd, Έλενα Βέντη, κι εσύ με κοίταξες με το ύφος του Λεβέντη. Σου είπα: «μη με κατακρίνεις τόσο άδικα».
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  6. Θα ακολουθήσει ένα απόσπασμα από συνθέσεις του Mozart για πιάνο και φωνή από τις μεγάλες ελληνίδες ψωλίστ: Έλενα Βέντη-πιάνο, Στέλλα Μπεζαντάκου-δραματική κολορατούρα, Βέρα Λάμπρου-λυρική υψίφωνος, Σάσα Μπάστα-μεσόφωνος και Φραντζέσκα Μελά-contralto.
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