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Killin-U (Radio Mix) - Wise Intelligent - Killin-U



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Holy Intellect: 1. Can I Start This? Rock Dis Funky Joint 3. Strictly Ghetto 4. Holy Intellect 5. Shakiyla 6. Time To Say Peace 7. Speaking Upon A Blackman 9. So Many Teachers Word From The Wise Butt Naked Booty Bless Poor Righteous Teachers Profile Records - Pure Poverty: 1. Shakiyla JRH 2. Easy Star 3. Self-Styled Wisdom 4. Hot Damn I'm Great 5. Killin-U (Radio Mix) - Wise Intelligent - Killin-U Mash'ion 6. The Nation's Anthem 7. Each One Teach One 8. Rappin' Black 9. Just Killin-U (Radio Mix) - Wise Intelligent - Killin-U Justice Freedom or Death Methods Le Roy - Barucco*, Manini* - 1789 Droppin' Mental Pure Poverty I'm Comin' Again Profile Records - Black Business: 1.

Nobody Move 4. Mi Fresh 5. Here We Go Again 6. Selah 7. Black Business 8. Get Off The Crack 9. None Can Test Ghetto We Love Rich Mon Time Lick Shots Profile Records - The New World Order: 1. Who Shot the President? Intro 2.

Miss Ghetto 3. Word Iz Life 4. Allies 5. New World News Interlude 6. Gods, Earths, and 85ers 7. My Three Wives Shakyla pt. III 8. Wicked Everytime 9. Global Cops Interlude Concious Style Culture Freestyle Interlude They Turned Gangsta We Dat Nice Hear Me Out Interlude Fo da Love of Dis Dreadful Day Righteous Grooves: 1. Rock Dis Funky Joint 2. Shakiyla JRH 3. Word from the Wise 5. Holy Intellect 6. Pure Poverty 7. Ghetto We Love 8. Self Styled Wisdom 9. Allies Styles Dropped UK Mix 3.

Butt Naked Remix 4. The Very First Time 5. Holy Interllect Can't Blend It 6. So Low Remix 7. Steady Slangin Project Mix 8. Rock Dis Funky Joint Croon 9. Word Is Bond Rock My Project Time To Say Peace Northside Name Brand Guns Remix My Sound Remix Love Will Conquer All - Various - Now This Is Music 6 Time To Say Peace: 1.

Time To Say Peace Remix 2. Butt Naked Booty Bless Instrumental 5. Word Is Bond Profile Records - Rock Dis Funky Joint: 1. Holy Intellect Tryandblendit Killin-U (Radio Mix) - Wise Intelligent - Killin-U 2. Holy Intellect LP Version 3. Holy Intellect Tryandblendit Instrumental 4. Shakiyla JRH : 1. Shakiyla JRH Instrumental 3. Shakiyla JRH Accapella 4. Strictly Mash'ion LP Version 5. Strictly Mash'ion Instrumental 6. Strictly Mash'ion Accapella Profile Records - Easy Star: 1. Easy Star Doo Dancehall Dub 3.

Easy Star Album Version 5. Easy Star Instrumental 6. Easy Star Acapella Profile Records - Nobody Move: 1. Nobody Move Remix 2. Nobody Move Instrumental 3.


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  1. Wise Intelligent ‎– Killin'-U (Vinyl 12") () Disciples Of The Sick - Disciples Of The Sick ( Trek Life - Price I've Paid () Dream Warriors ‎– My Definition Of A Boombastic Ja Cypha Prayer Presente - Psykoheadz (Tape) () Brothers On Organised Missions ‎– Delivering Tha A HiPNOTT Records Presents The Platform.
  2. Album Killin’ U For Fun. Steady Slangin Lyrics Urban radio you must play this! my nose, my coco black skin, subject to the slum and I'm steady slangin [Hook: Wise Intelligent] If he.
  3. Listen to TheBlueKluxKlanby Wise Intelligent on Slacker Radio, where you can also create personalized internet radio stations based on your favorite albums, artists and songs.
  4. Oct 03,  · This blog is to REPRESENT nothing but the TRUTH! WE want a CHANGED WORLD & will soon see exactly that!
  5. Urban radio you must play this! Cos' we ain't got no time for yo' fake ghetto shit, see I set the trends when i came in Cos' i come from the slum and I'm steady slangin See, i set the trends when i came in i come from a slum I'm steady slangin [Hook: Wise Intelligent] If he comes from a slum You could see the fuckin' Slang, in his walk, his talk.
  6. Jul 21,  · Album Review: Wise Intelligent ‎- Killin' U For Fun - LP - - Contract / Profile. From The Source - July - Scans courtesy of Engin Emir. Posted by unikone at Mix: IMLT Radio x DJ Filthy Rich Present: 90's Ca Artifacts - That's Them 20th Anniversary Edition - Author: Unikone.

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