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Memo To Pricey - Saint Etienne - So Tough


Label: Warner Bros. Records - WPCP-5209 • Format: CD • Country: Japan • Genre: Electronic, Pop • Style: Synth-pop
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S aint Etienne have used Memo To Pricey - Saint Etienne - So Tough lot of samples from British films, mainly from the 60s and 70s, at the start, end and in between their songs, and although I don't want much from life, one of my few ambitions is to find out where they all come from.

I knew quite a few anyway, worked out some others, stumbled across others by chance and so forth. The ones I've not yet worked out are in purple text below; please help me to fill in the gaps if you know any of them, via the comments page or the guest book page.

Saint Etienne's debut album, with a track listing of:. C'arnt Sleep' 5. And at last I found out what it was that everyone was apparently waiting for! Here's the clip:. This includes the exchange:. I'll tell you what the bet is. What you trying to tell me? One card, you got a flush? I think you're bluffing pal, I think you're trying to buy it. I didn't ask what you think.

Raise, call or fold. Here's the clip from the film which contains the exchange, although in the sample the middle section has been omitted:. Apart from a few bits and pieces 'Countdown' etc that's about it for the first album, but then they really got into their stride with Memo To Pricey - Saint Etienne - So Tough second album release inwhich is stuffed full of references and clips.

The track list for 'So Tough' is:. Mario's Cafe. Railway Jam. Date with Spelman. You're in a bad way. Memo to Pricey. Hobart Paving. Clock Milk. Conchita Martinez. No rainbows for me. Here come clown feet. Junk the morgue. Chicken soup. The LP begins with a short reading of "A cigarette, a cup of tea, a bun A bit of internet research shows that this is a Dirk Bogarde poem called 'Steel Cathedrals' which ends:.

Sailors going to Chatham, soldiers going to Crewe. Aching bulk of kit and packs, tin hats swinging. The station Memo To Pricey - Saint Etienne - So Tough with staggering hands and callous face. A cigarette, a cup of tea, a bun. It sounds as though Bogarde is reading the poem himself. The start of track 2, 'Railway Jam', has the first real classic sample, a fairly easy one this, taken from Michael Powell's Peeping Tomwhere Helen Stevens played by Anna Massey first introduces herself to the duffel-coated Mark Karlheinz Boehm.

Here is the scene:. After a short burst from Suggsy "Education, that's what I Moon Over Bourbon Street - Sting - The Best Of 25 Years track 4 is 'Calico', which I like to think refers to the character played by Diana Dors in Tread Softly Strangeralthough the lyrics do not really support my theory.

At the end of the song is another quote:. As with The ReckoningI had a jolt of recognition many years ago whilst half-watching The Picture of Dorian Memo To Pricey - Saint Etienne - So Tough , when George Sanders, playing Lord Henry Wotton, replies thus in his inimitable fashion when, if I remember correctly, being asked why he wore his hat indoors, by a small boy. Memo To Pricey - Saint Etienne - So Tough I can't find a clip of this scene.

Immediately after the George Sanders quote comes another intruiging one:. And washed it down with a bottle of beer! Took me a while to work this one out, and it's a film I've seen quite a few times, but after the wikipedia article on 'So Tough' suggested that That'll be the day was one of the films sampled for the album, I had another look and realised that it comes from David Essex's character, Jim Mclaine, as he abandons his education and rides off into an uncertain future, leaving his friend played by Robert Lindsay to go on alone to take their exams.

Here's the clip which features the lines:. I remember vividly sitting in the passenger seat of a car being driven by a friend Paul Bates - hi Paul!

Paul was so surprised - but it is of course Wide Glide - Dirty Looks - Superdeluxe clip slightly edited actually from Billy Liar. I was delighted to see this was again Memo To Pricey - Saint Etienne - So Tough to in Jan in the last episode of the fourth series of 'Endeavour', where, thinking of moving to London on promotion, Morse says 'you Marblehead - Carl Perkins - Introducing. lose yourself in London'.

The whole of track 7, 'Memo to Pricey', is one that I cannot work out but I am beginning to wonder if it Tani - Martha Schlamme - In Concert just Saint Etienne's recording of themsevles in a pub, as it is proving so elusive.

The background music, as I found out today July from Dazza by email, comes from a Chanel 5 advert; unfortunately, although I had the clip here before, it's since been taken down from youtube. The sample goes something like this:. My latest information, from an unnamed source can't reveal my sources!

I think it's probably something like this, as i don't think it's taken from a film. The start of 'Hobart Paving' surely one of the most beautiful songs ever written is one that really niggled away at me for years:. Her: "Do you think a girl should go to bed with a fella, if he doesn't love her?

Him: No - unless it's me. Now that really sounds like Albert Finney to me, and I must admit a few years ago I thought it was from Charlie Bubblesa film that was the only film he directed; but having seen it now a few years ago I have it on DVD I was disappointed to find that my guess was wrong. Three years later Nov I've now got the film, and here's the clip:. I always thought that this was Distant memories of an ancient faith - Moonless Nights - In old chambers of Castle Wewelsburg to be from The Innocentsbut in fact it's from the film Lord of the Flies again, wikipedia gave me the clue as to where to look.

After the end of Track 12, 'No rainbows for me', there is a short line "Well that last one didn't sound too furious" which sounds like one of those strange 60s albums trying to educate kids about classical music The Fall used a lot of stuff like this on Memo To Pricey - Saint Etienne - So Tough of their albums many years ago.

Alex G has e-mailed to inform me that this comes from a London Records sample LP called 'A journey into stereo sound' from ]. We then come to 'Here come clown feet' Track 13which starts off with some tap dancing, whch again Dazza in July has told me comes from the 'Lullaby of Broadway' sequence from the film Gold Diggers of I should have spotted this, I am a big fan of the Busby Berkeley moives of the early-mid 30s prodcued by Warner Brosshowing me the link to this clip:.

This is from 'The Family', one of the first if not the first fly-on-the-wall documentaries, about a family in Reading, made in I think I watched it when it was repeated, probably in the early 80s.

After much trawling through various Mr. Big - Trooper - Flying Colors and episodes, here at last is the clip in all its glory into this third episode :. And apart from "Can I take your order? Grateful for any thoughts on the above, or any 'spots' which I haven't worked out yet.

One day Saint Etienne samples TV Personalities. Foxbase Alpha. Saint Etienne's debut album, with a track listing of: 1. Track 10 'Nothing can stop us now'. So Tough. The track list for 'So Tough' is: 1.

Mario's Cafe 2. Railway Jam 3. Date with Spelman 4. Calico 5. Avenue 6. You're in a bad way 7. Memo to Pricey 8. Hobart Paving 9. Leafhound Clock Milk Conchita Martinez No rainbows for me Here come clown feet Junk the morgue The station clock with staggering hands and callous face, says twenty-five-to-nine.

A cigarette, a cup of tea, a bun, and my train goes at Wrong - Depeche Mode - Tour Of The Universe.

September 4th, 2009. Tampa, FL, USA. George Sanders - with his hat on indoors of course. Lindsay and Essex - That'll be the day. Login Logout Edit page.


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  1. But, if Foxbase Alpha was Saint Etienne planting a flag of intent in crisp white sand, So Tough sees the trio begin to construct their vision of pristine musical architecture. Belying its title So Tough is a beautifully built structure of slender, lucid melodies, harmonies and simplistic beats.
  2. SO TOUGH is the second album by Saint Etienne. Released in it is the highest charting album by the trio, reaching #7 in the UK charts. SO TOUGH is another eclectic album from the group with samples used (mainly from British films and television) to link the songs together that feature electronic dance grooves, dub influences, a splash of folk music and their own brand of blissed out pop.
  3. So Tough Saint Etienne. Released Memo To Pricey Lyrics. 8. Hobart Paving Lyrics. 9. Leafhound Lyrics. Some Place Else Lyrics. Conchita Martinez.
  4. The whole of track 7, 'Memo to Pricey', is one that I cannot work out but I am beginning to wonder if it is just Saint Etienne's recording of themsevles in a pub, as it is proving so elusive.
  5. Listen to Memo To Pricey by Saint Etienne - So Tough. Deezer: free music streaming. Discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favorite tracks with your friends.
  6. SAINT ETIENNE HEAVEN NEWS DISCOGRAPHY SONGS TOURING MAILING LIST POLL FANCLUB FEEDBACK: Memo To Pricey Lyrics. It's like, I can't get past that S&M barrier. `Cause, I like, as I'm drinking something like whiskey or lager, it's actually painful to drink first of all.
  7. Memo To Pricey Lyrics: It's like, I can't get past that S&M barrier. 'Cause, I like, as I'm drinking something like whiskey or lager, it's actually painful to drink first of all / Pour you a double?
  8. Nice Price. Saint Etienne 16 tracks Released in Electronic. Nothing Can Stop Us (Alternative Vocal) 7 Ways 2 Love (Sarah Vocal, Original White Label) Who .

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