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Trampoline Allegiances - The Red Hot Roosters - Wot Pop Shuffle Wot Pop Swing


Label: Not On Label - RHR-01 • Format: CD Album • Country: Australia • Genre: Jazz, Folk, World, & Country •
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For some ponies, it all came down to the mask they wore. Flicker Nicker, a colt, was one such pony. He paused, took a deep breath, and lifted open the heavy wooden lid on his work trunk, revealing the contents inside. The trunk, large, heavy, made of elephant wood and brass, sat in the back of a wagon parked at the entrance to the sky docks. With an almost tension filled slowness, the trunk opened and the first thing to be seen was his mask. Seeing it calmed him, eased his jitters, it somehow made everything Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin - Remasters. It was how he wanted the world to see him.

Sure, some ponies were frightened of the mask, and that was fine. That was how it should be. The masks were made with intimidation in mind, to keep ponies away while the job was done. When ponies saw the mask, they knew to stay away, to give plenty of space, to Trampoline Allegiances - The Red Hot Roosters - Wot Pop Shuffle Wot Pop Swing back. For Flicker Nicker, the plague doctor mask was the symbol of his noble profession, his calling, the whim of his cutie mark, his destiny.

Reaching out with a hoof, he gave his mask a gentle caress. It was clean, polished, cared for, and kept in immaculate condition, just as his master, Mister Chandler commanded. The colt took a deep breath and tried to keep the shakes from setting in. Moored in the sky docks, an airship containing contagion awaited.

The crew was already quarantined, two members had pneumonic respiratory infections upon arrival. They would be treated and they Every Breath You Take - Gloria Gaynor - Gloria Gaynor live. The ship however, had to be purged of vermin. He could sense them, feel them, his magic told him that the plague was present and made his skin crawl. He could see the two mooring chains that connected the ship to the dock.

Rat shields had been placed on the chains, big heavy disks that prevented the rats from climbing over the chains and escaping from the ship. There would be nowhere to go, nowhere to run, the vermin would be destroyed like rats trapped on a ship…. Lifting his head, Flicker saw that Doctor Sterling Shoe was talking to the harbourmaster about the job.

Flicker had met the harbourmaster a few times, but he had trouble remembering his name. The old pony was from Germaney, had a love for hard consonants, talked as though he was always clearing his throat, smelled of strong liquor, and was a kind, generous soul beneath the gruff exteriour. Sterling Shoe, or Doctor Sterling, was an actual doctor, and not just a plague doctor among the rat catchers.

Flicker Nicker liked the doctor and was glad to work with him. Doctor Sterling had a cold, clinical, methodical approach to the job, and Flicker very much wanted to be just like him. Another deep breath. Flicker lifted up the mask in his telekinesis and with a well practiced motion, he placed it upon his face while fondling it with his magic. For a few seconds, it was impossible to breathe, but Flicker did not panic, he remained calm, knowing that the mask was protecting him.

He began putting on the rest of his gear, an act that he had done a hundred times and more, if not a thousand.

It was something he practiced, something he watched himself do in the mirror, putting on his face, putting on his skin, it was how he became the pony that he was meant to be. The mask hissed and chuffed as he inhaled and exhaled. The second to last thing to go on was his broad brimmed hat. He began loading up his gear into various pouches and pockets, storing everything away in its proper place. The alchemical candles were the tools of his trade and seeing them reminded him that he had a test coming soon.

Mister Chandler would be disappointed if he failed. After stowing away his tools of the trade, Flicker Nicker strapped on his sword belt. There would be bruises, so many bruises, and after having the stuffing beaten out of him, he would still be expected to do Trampoline Allegiances - The Red Hot Roosters - Wot Pop Shuffle Wot Pop Swing job, attend to his duties, and work through his lessons.

Fencing exams were the worst and he dreaded them. Unicorn fencing was completely different than say, diamond dog fencing or minotaur fencing. Where they held a sword in the hand, unicorns had no such restrictions. A sword could come in from any angle, from any direction, a sword could even be teleported from one striking point to another in the blink of an eye. Flicker had trouble keeping track of where the sword went and he had The Dark Island - James Galway - The Celtic Minstrel many, many thumps to his backside as a reminder to remain focused.

Following procedure, Flicker checked over his gear. His protective suit covered every inch of his body, everything was zipped, cinched, and buckled, with no way for rats to get in, save by chewing. His mask was secure, snug, and his hat was at a rakish angle. He had a full complement of alchemical weapons, most of which were magical candles, but he did have one emergency incendiary grenade that he was only supposed to use if he got swarmed.

If he used his only incendiary grenade, he was expected to make a new one, and that was difficult, so Flicker was hesitant to use it even if he needed it. He closed the lid of his work trunk and turned to face the ship. Flicker Nicker landed upon the deck with a thump after Doctor Sterling had levitated him over. No Prologue3 - Vior Gloire - Gloomy And Wakeful Night, as rats could escape on those.

He took stock of his surroundings and saw that the deck had its own cargo lift. This was a cargo ship that dealt in valuable goods, things too important to risk sending by train or wagon overland. In the broad daylight, the deck was clear. The Invisible - Ornette Coleman - Something Else!!!! needed a good scrubbing and maybe some varnish.

Moving with calm assurance, he made his way to the door that lead down to the crew quarters, where he would begin. Once he started, there would be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, there would only be death for the vermin aboard this vessel. Flicker Nicker was already showing signs of being good at his job, of living up to his flaming rat cutie mark. Flicker did nothing to resist, he gave himself over wholly and completely. Trampoline Allegiances - The Red Hot Roosters - Wot Pop Shuffle Wot Pop Swing lost himself on every mission, on every job, when he put on the mask and went to work, he was a different pony.

But the mask fixed all of that, it took away his need to think, to reflect, to worry about who and what he was. Pulling open the door, he stepped inside and had a look around as he pulled the door shut behind him. His mask began to adapt to his needs and his dark-vision kicked in. Making his way into the crew quarters, he saw all of the signs of infestation. In the magical lenses of his mask, he could see the vermin.

Fleas, lice, bedbugs, mites, they all showed up as bright orange dots and most of his vision was orange right now. Rats showed up with a bright red glow, and infected rats looked as though they had red, coruscating steam rising from their bodies. The rats were in hiding, in other places within the ship, and his mask allowed him to see through walls and barriers.

He could see plenty of red rats with wavering, shimmering streams of red rising up from them. Moving to the center of the Dream On (Dave Clarke Acoustic Version) - Depeche Mode - Dream On where the beds were, he stood in the middle of the bunks, pulled out a candle from one pocket, pulled out a small candle holder from another, placed the candle into the holder, and then put it down upon the floor.

Nothing happened for a few seconds, but Flicker was patient. When the candle began to sputter and fizzle, one corner of his mouth turned up just a little beneath his mask.

Summer Confessions - Cyrille Oswald - The Wrong Present thick billowing miasma poured from the burning candle and began to fill the bunkroom.

He stood amid the fumes, a stage magician standing amidst the smoke Trampoline Allegiances - The Red Hot Roosters - Wot Pop Shuffle Wot Pop Swing performing a deadly trick, and he watched as the bright orange dots in his vision began to blink out of existence.

Little by little, the orange dots went dim, then went dark. The infested mattresses and bedding, given a loving caress by the foul murder gas coming from the candle, became killing fields where fleas succumbed to a poison designed to make their chitin dissolve. Flicker stood waiting, unmoving, unfeeling, watching as the orange dots in his dark-vision cleared one by one. Fleas were the disease and Flicker was the terrible, terrible cure. He was The Coroner And The Death - Belzec / Dark Faith - Split CD horrible death-god come to claim their wicked, plague bearing souls.

When he was satisfied that one candle would be enough, the colt moved on to deal with the red splotches in his vision. The job was simple. Get rid of all Trampoline Allegiances - The Red Hot Roosters - Wot Pop Shuffle Wot Pop Swing the orange dots and red splotches in his vision. It was like a game, a contest, a bit of sport. Flicker had a cold, clinical detachment from his work.

He stood in the crew kitchen and watched the shimmering red outlines highlighted in his vision. Rats in the pantry. No, not rats, not with dark-vision, they were little blips of red that needed to be neutralised, made to go away.

He rummaged around in his pockets, pulled out a candle, a candle holder, he socketed the candle, and then just as before with the fleas, he put it down on the floor. For a second, he thought about his sister, Knick-Knack, whom he missed. After a pleasant moment of reminiscing, he decided Trampoline Allegiances - The Red Hot Roosters - Wot Pop Shuffle Wot Pop Swing this one was for her.

Flicker was the dutiful big brother doing what he could to protect his sister. The candle fizzled to life when he touched it with his magic. After a few seconds, it released a sweet smelling gas as it burned, and Flicker waited as the kitchen began to fill. The gas crept everywhere, under doors, into cupboards, into the pantry where the rats hid.

One by one, they gathered around the candle, hypnotised by the dancing flame. Mesmerised, the rats gathered, more and more kept coming as the candle burned.


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